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Basic Sewing Starting Kit includes:
J6660 Tracing Paper (Japan) - 1pack x 5pcs
G098 Tailoring Scissor / Gunting (Zhang Xiao Quan) 9inch - 1pc
J111p Tracing Wheel / Roda Surih - 1pc
GT025 Sewing Snipper / Snipper Baju - 1pc
J6787 Small Ruler Scale / Skill kecil - 1set x 2pcs
J6782 'L' Ruler 11.5" x 21.5" / Pembaris L - 1pc
J6785 Straight Ruler 24" / Pembaris Lurus - 1pc
J6786 Body Ruler 24" / Pembaris Lengkung -1pc
BA004 Tweezer (Bent) / Pengapit Bengkok - 1pc
J6936 Thread/ Benang 'Dolphin' 250meter x- 5pcs (white&black thread is compulsory, the other 3 color is selected randomly)
J110 Seam Ripper (small) / Penetas Kecil -1pc
J6740 Compact Assorted Needles / Jarum Tangan Piring - 1pack x 12pcs
JA042 Round Head Needles / Jarum Peniti - 1pc x 25gram
J714 Measuring Tape / Pita Ukur - 1pc
BA186 Tailor Chalk 'Twin Horse' / Kapur Baju - 2pcs 


Type : Gift Bag

Material : Non-Woven Bag

Colour : # 17 Yellow,    #25 Orange,   #26 Red,   #28 Beauty,   #46 Purple,

               #47 Turquoise Blue,   #137 Apple Green

Size : 30 CM X 38.5 CM

Usage : Can be used as Wedding Gift, in Events, Able to store item while travel like Accessories, Cosmetic, Souvenir, Cups, and Etc.

Quantity : 10 Pcs

Packing Unit : Pkt


Brand New and High Quality.

Non-Woven Bag.

Come with top hanger – easy to carry around.

Design pattern comes with Polka Dot.

The pattern only shown from the front.

Perfect uses for event like wedding, kenduri, and etc.

Gift wrapping bag.

Practical and convenient to use.

Notice :

  1. The colours may have different due camera light.
  2. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.

Material :Glossy Paper
Colour : Gold
?Size : 12cm X 21cm X 9.5cm
Quantity : 10pcs / Pkt

Notice :

  1. The colours may differ due to lighting
  2. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement




  • Material : Craft paper 
  • Size : 20 CM (H) X 17 CM (L) X 10 CM (W)
  • Quantity : 10 Pcs / Pkt

Notice :

  1. The colors may vary due to lighting.
  2. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement